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A Collection of Christian Authors and Their Work

Megan Daley Books

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When Angels Collide: Even In Heaven There Are Differences Between Men And Women

Conflicts between Men and Women have been through the beginning of time.

Heaven sent me when someone prayed to ask for help with a broken heart. My name is Angela. All went well until another Angel, Duke, arrived to help.

My mission was to teach a male human how to treat a woman to let love flourish. Sometimes my subject listened to me but most of the time he ignored my suggestions.


I tried to teach Troy, my subject to listen to women and not to talk about himself all the time. I was trying to teach him to listen to her feelings.

I Duke was here to enlighten Angela.


More than half the time Angela didn’t understand the man’s perspective.  With all the classes she took, she still didn’t have a clue about men.  I was called down from Heaven to enlighten her.

Read the book and tell me if Angela or Duke are right.

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When Angels Collide: Never Give Up

Angela could see some improvement with her subject, Troy. 

Women were becoming attracted to Troy with a little help from Duke. An ex-boyfriend enters the picture realizing he lost his love, Gladys.


A time for review with Angela pleading that this was a difficult case and asking for a little more time. Duke created turbulence in the relationship. Glady’s torn between her ex and Troy. Duke the other Angel apologized to Angela.  Troy became depressed and Duke gained weight during the process and drank.

Nicky his pug gave Troy suggestions originating from Angela’s lips. Angela is so upset, she turns a cigar duke is smoking into a poo log. There are good times and bad. Angela tries to the end with positivity to guide him in the right direction.


Lockdown: Virus For Profit

Testing was being done on prisoners who were disposable and didn’t have a life anyway. Testing for profit is unknown to the citizens of California until it gets out of hand. An escape is planned to save their own lives due to the testing. Only then did people find out the truth, but conveniently blamed the Virus escaping on the prisoners’ making drugs.

It was too late as the virus was airborne and easily caught. No antiviruses were given as many people entered the hospitals trying not to die. The government got involved thinking they had the solution by pulling people out of their homes and sending them into a camp called “Paradise”. It was later called a death camp.

After the prisoners escaped Folsom prison, some caught up with old friends and families in the Sacramento Valley. They hid, trying not to get caught, and put back into the pen. Most of them realized things had changed. Things weren’t the same as they remembered. With everyone lost and confused, groups started to form. The gangs that used to fight pulled together to help the population that mostly ended up in one of the camps. Children were separated due to their high tolerance to the virus. People felt these were the end days.

MountainTopSpice (Marilyn Moseley)

Through Love's Eyes.png

Through Love's Eyes

With over 100 pages of spectacular photos, inspirational writings and prose that accompany the images, this book is sure to fill your heart with joy as each scene is shared with a descriptive phrase, poem or thought from the author's perspective. Marilyn Moseley's skills as a hobby photographer capture the essence of her world and her writings seek to uplift the reader and ultimately bring all glory to the Creator who designed it all.

K.M. Quinn Books

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Torn Robes: Choices

Gilford High School students are in peril! The township of Gilford is demanding action! Principal Krystina Davis puts her career on the line and convinces the school board to hire the best-selling author of Children of the King, Nebraska Pastor John Wheaton. Pastor Wheaton has one semester to put his God-centered approach to guiding teens, to the test.

Initially, he receives a 'warm' New England welcome, then the real work begins. Can Pastor John make a difference for the troubled teens of Gilford? If not, what will happen to Tags, the twins, Erica, Lily and all the teens who so desperately need him?

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Torn Robes: Reckoning

The town of Gilford stands divided!

Deception, treachery, and deceit have descended upon the small New England town. While events drenched in betrayal have set things in motion triggering bias and false accusations aimed at Pastor John.

Can he survive the onslaught of these fictitious claims? Will the students rally behind him? Will God give Gilford the miracle they desperately need?

A storm is brewing…Is the town of Gilford ready for their Reckoning?

Jennifer L. Self Books



Venture is the story of a father who went from losing his job to creating jobs in seven years, the family he chose as his team, and the God who led them faithfully through it all.

Their story gives a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to build a business while also building relationships. It shares how working together as a family has highs and lows and how they often occur in the space of 24 hours. Most of all, it shows the power of family teamwork and an abundantly good God.

The Self family is living proof that nothing is certain except God’s faithfulness and the hope He gives. Loss taught them to hold on to hope when circumstances threatened to shake it from their grip.

Whatever personal venture readers may undertake, this story offers hope. The mountain top is just ahead.

K.S. Wuertz Books

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Life at Mimosa Lake: The Story of the Winter Visitor

Mimosa Lake is known for its relaxed lifestyle, fun-loving pranksters, joyful celebrations and good-hearted neighbors. Now, hard times are robbing RIVER IVERY and her sometimes quirky, neighbors of their most valuable asset: their hope.


A surly despair is blinding everyone to the great gifts God has given them. In the midst of personal and community challenges, River knows something must change. But How? God's answer is the WINTER VISITOR. With a loving presence, the visitor offers the gift of renewal to the neighbors. But will they take it? Only the coming of spring will tell. Join River Ivery, Tim Cole, Dock Crayton, Georgia Lemonn and everyone at Mimosa Lake as they test their faith through their trials.


Can abundance fly in on a wing and a prayer?

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The Mystery of Moon Mountain

Tulip Burk was born under the light a the full moon shining through Moon Mountain. That marked her as 'special'. All the Burk women born that way are 'Seers' who speak with spirits bridging this world and the next. They climb mountains way higher than Moon Mountain while living in it's shadow.


Tulip is no different.The mountain folk know she's nothing like them - but Tulip holds their secrets - and has a few of their own. It's the mountain way. But can NanMa and Mrs. Burk teach Tulip right and teach her how to battle the darkness? Or will all the secrets and lies bind her too tight?


Maybe being different means coming into your own? Or, forgiving the ignorant - like Daddy Burk and Pritchett? Or forgiving Chase Macon - no not Chase Macon - never him.

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Life at Mimosa Lake: The Shadows of Comfort

River Ivery has been accused of a crime. But she's got a bigger problem, she's lost in her own spiritual desert. Living at Mimosa Lake, you might think the neighbors would rally around: they don't. River and Trixie Crayton are pariahs. Their situation has divided the neighborhood by two: guilty or innocent.


Join with River as she walks through the longest and hottest desert of her life. How many times will she wonder when God will let it rain - or lead her to an Oasis.

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