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Book Cover "When Angels Collide"  Even in Heaven there are differences between men and women

Book #2 - Never Give Up Angela could see some improvement with her subject, Troy. 

Women were becoming attracted to Troy with a little help from Duke. An ex-boyfriend enters the picture realizing he lost his love, Gladys. A time for review with Angela pleading that this was a difficult case and asking for a little more time. Duke created turbulence in the relationship. Glady’s torn between her ex and Troy. Duke the other Angel apologized to Angela.  Troy became depressed and Duke gained weight during the process and drank.

Nicky his pug gave Troy suggestions originating from Angela’s lips. Angela is so upset, she turns a cigar duke is smoking into a poo log. There are good times and bad. Angela tries to the end with positivity to guide him in the right direction.

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Conflicts between Men and Women have been through the beginning of time.

Heaven sent me when someone prayed to ask for help with a broken heart. My name is Angela. All went well until another Angel, Duke, arrived to help.

My mission was to teach a male human how to treat a woman to let love flourish. Sometimes my subject listened to me but most of the time he ignored my suggestions.

I tried to teach Troy, my subject to listen to women and not to talk about himself all the time. I was trying to teach him to listen to her feelings.

I Duke was here to enlighten Angela.

More than half the time Angela didn’t understand the man’s perspective.  With all the classes she took, she still didn’t have a clue about men.  I was called down from Heaven to enlighten her.

Read the book and tell me if Angela or Duke are right.

2nd book "When Angels Collide"  Never give up

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